Inspired Therapy, Melissa Pazen, MSW LCSW

Are you... 


An individual who suffers with mental health issues? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem?


A parent who needs ideas, encouragement and support in building the family you want? 


A talented individual stuck in a career you don't love? Confused about where your life is going?


Part of a couple in a relationship that's not as fulfilling as you'd hoped? Do arguments happen too often and nothing seems to change? Have you all but given up on the relationship but you love the other person and remember how it was at the beginning?



My insightful counseling can help you define goals based on your perspective, and ensures that you are applying all your strengths and resources toward what you really want in life.  


You experience the benefit of my thirty years of professional experience, my education and my innate understanding.  As a professional social worker, I partner with you to understand your true desires and make them reality.


How therapy works

Melissa Pazen has "...a profound, positive impact on people's lives..."


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