From the beginning, Melissa has been instrumental in guiding me toward furthering my goals. As I've grown from working as an employee for someone else into a successful entrepreneur, Melissa has been the consistent voice of reason and guidance. She's a great listener, which I believe is what allowed her to always have such a great understanding when I was blocked or stuck; ultimately helping me move onward and upward. Along with her ability to help me clarify things for myself, she 's great at follow-up so there's no way to slack off - once you've told Melissa you're focused on moving from point A to D, she's not letting go just because you reach C. I highly recommend Melissa for anyone looking to move beyond their current place in life, be it personally or professionally.


- Carole

Melissa is well respected and known for her ability to enhance team dynamics, build relationships and foster communication across all levels.  Melissa is adept at both driving and delivering on her commitments. 

- Christopher

Melissa is truly a master at her craft.  It's not only her unequivocal skill set that sets her apart from others, but her ability to reach and inspire is like nothing I've ever seen.  Melissa truly has a profound, positive impact on people's lives. Anyone lucky enough to cross paths with her will be a better person for it.  Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to be one of those people.


- Megan

Melissa is a sincere, caring individual, who has a wonderful way of making an individual feel worthy and accepted.  Her faith and her faithfulness make her a truly dedicated individual in her work and life.  I am blessed to know her.


- Heidi

Melissa’s passion for health, well-being and personal growth motivates and inspires all those she comes into contact with. She has the ability to help others to clarify their options and take positive steps. Her positive "can-do" attitude and encouraging approach helps others strengthen their belief in themselves and their abilities.


- Lynn